Cloudy Skies | Part 1

They say you have nothing unless you have your health. For the past month I have been living a nightmare. For a brief moment, I thought my health and future were gone. In late September, I had a routine eye appointment with my Ophthalmologist that had gone awry. Initially there was nothing of concern asContinue reading “Cloudy Skies | Part 1”

Love Always

Hello Cloudy Thighs followers, It’s so great to be back at the computer and writing again! This is going to be more of a bloggy post, rather than my usual soap-box rants. I’ve been so busy and a bit emotionally drained the past few weeks, so writing has been a low priority on my list.Continue reading “Love Always”

Result of a Fatphobic Society

TW: Fatphobia, Physical Abuse, and Relationship Abuse. Growing up, I genuinely believed no one would be capable of loving me. A strong statement, but  in my mind it was justified by the jeers and taunts at my weight and appearance by peers and family. Who would want to be with someone who was so big?Continue reading “Result of a Fatphobic Society”

Living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

I was around 12 years old when I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or as it is commonly known, PCOS. I remember my doctor sitting me and my mother down, scaring the shit out of us with her ominous facial expressions, and leading us to believe that I was about to be diagnosed withContinue reading “Living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome”

Homage to Fat Womxn: Fat Black Musicians

I have always been obsessed with music. Growing up on musicians like The Steve Miller Band and Donna Summer to writing about Tchaikovsky on my personal statement for college; music has always found a way into my life. I constantly sought various genres and in high school made several trips to the local record shop,Continue reading “Homage to Fat Womxn: Fat Black Musicians”

Living Vocabulary

My knowledge of my body comes from years of experience living as a Plus Size Woman. Every. Single. Day. Of. My. Life. I am aware of my size. Whether it is from the crash of my hips in between rows of desks in school to distant relatives telling me how pretty I could be ifContinue reading “Living Vocabulary”

You’re not fat, you’re cute | Public Apology to my Fat

I am fat. I have soft rolls on my belly and stretch marks tracing my skin. I have had partners lovingly grasp my F.U.P.A. (fat upper pubic area) as we kissed and made love. It made me feel respected, loved and seen. My fat makes me warm, heat emitting off to warm my loved ones.Continue reading “You’re not fat, you’re cute | Public Apology to my Fat”